Building Sustainable homes for the future

SO’R Construction is focused on delivering sustainable homes for our clients to enjoy for years to come, we work alongside sustainable architects and designers to come up with the best solution for each instance.

As an accredited Green smart builder Shamus has the knowledge to provide evidence based design ideas to combat any site or difficult situation. Our idea of sustainability is not just a star rating, we use non-toxic and local timber, all building products are considered individually on things like where and how they were made, what pollutants went into the product and what sort of carbon foot print will each product have. We prefer to source as much of our products locally and from small business where possible.

Straw bale

SO’R Construction has developed its own straw bale construction techniques adopted from years of industry experience we are now able to offer complete straw bale home packages. As a sustainable builder we are always looking for the newest materials and best methods for sustainable building, however the age old technique of straw bale is still considerably better at insulating your home and providing a comfortable environment to live in. Not to mention the health benefits of living in a straw bale home that cleans the air around you. Our straw bale homes are not simply any home with straw in the walls, our straw bale homes are built with a solar passive design as our main criteria. As straw is a natural building material we rely on the remainder of the building to follow suit, we use lime and clay renders to seal the bales and finish off the rest of the house. Straw bale construction lends itself to the use of many recycled materials and thoughtful construction processes.

Passive Solar design

SO’R construction uses a passive design to create the optimum home design, whether you choose to build a modern clad home in suburbia or a country style straw bale home in the bush we can still design the home around the basic principles of passive design. The main concept is to allow heat into your home during winter and stop it during summer, with good shading and correct design we can achieve this. Once the heat has entered the home we keep it there using insulation in the walls, ceiling and floors, we also rely on thermal mass to regulate the home and maintain a comfortable temperature throughout the year. If you are not sold yet with a good passive design, our homes do not require any artificial cooling and minimal heating in our climate, the average Australian households energy consumption Is about 40% on heating and cooling alone.

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